Pledged to work with and for rural communities

The Rural Housing Alliance, which works in partnership with the Rural Services Network and National Housing Federation, is a group of housing associations that develop and manage affordable homes in rural areas across England.

Our aim is to work together to share innovation, good practice and ideas, advocate the need for affordable rural homes and provide a unified voice on key issues. Additionally, we enable rural housing associations to compare and learn from each others’ work in areas such as design and sustainability.

The Rural Housing Alliance meets four times per year, and helps provide a single, clear and collective voice for housing associations’ lobbying and influencing on rural housing. Over recent years, an annual conference has been arranged and hosted by the Members.

Membership of the Rural Housing Alliance is varied, but each Member has agreed to uphold a consistent pledge, principally drafted around providing affordable rural homes for local people while offering a set of guarantees to rural communities where Members work.