Ley Gardens, Church Stretton, Shropshire

The development consists of 19 apartments and 11 bungalows for rent, with a further 8 bungalows available for shared ownership.

Ley GardensHousing Association
Shropshire Housing Group

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Shropshire Council; Church Stretton Town Council; Homes & Communities Agency; Ashbrook Community-led Housing Board

Scheme outline
Phase One of Ley Gardens (formerly known as Ashbrook Park) stemmed from the decision to replace Windsor Place, a nearby sheltered scheme. The development can potentially house 111 people. It also has a warden call facility and a communal lounge, kitchen and games area.

Phase Two of Ley Gardens, built three years later, includes 38 properties. The scheme consists of 30 homes to rent and 8 available for sale on a shared ownership basis. The scheme has the capacity to house 133 people. Potential residents must have a local connection verified by the Town Council.

The scheme replaced Windsor Place which was built in the 1960s and was no longer fit for purpose. Monthly meetings were held with residents to ensure they felt comfortable with what was being decided and arrangements for the move. This proved beneficial and the move went very smoothly with minimal disruption to the elderly residents.

A Housing Needs Survey showed a real need for affordable housing in the area.

Good practice
A Community Led Board was formed and was vital in making key decision about the site.

All properties have energy-saving features, including water-saving lever taps and communal solar panels to produce hot water. High efficiency boilers and superior insulation are also features.

There are fully maintained gardens, wheelchair and scooter access, sun rooms, scooter charging, wet rooms and high security doors and windows.

On Phase two, all 38 properties were fitted with Aereco whole house passive ventilation which was one of the features which helped the site gain a Code for Sustainable Housing Level 3.

Four apartments also benefit from gas savers, which fit to the flue of the boiler and pre heat the water entering the boiler.

Shropshire Housing Group / Homes & Communities Agency / Shropshire Council – Phase 1 £7,346,861, Phase 2 £3,817,308

“This is a fantastic scheme and the Council is delighted to have supported it with a grant. It is an excellent example of how great communication and a collaborative approach between local residents and a housing association can deliver a visually appealing and sustainable development with a real sense of community.” Maria Howell, Housing Enabling Officer at Shropshire Council

“I am really pleased with how the new homes sit in this landscape. The building materials chosen are lovely and great quality. These spacious homes are a credit to the area and I know many residents are delighted.” Ann Stafford, member of the Community-led Housing Board

“I absolutely love the development. Not only are you surrounded by the hills but there is also a real sense of community amongst the neighbours. “I used to rent another property owned by the housing association but moving here has enabled me to downsize, stay close to friends and family and benefit from a new modern home, I couldn’t be happier.” Angela South who lives in one of the bungalows

“We were renting in Much Wenlock but my husband was working in Church Stretton and one of our children was at school here too. We were the first people to move into a shared ownership home at Ashbrook and we couldn’t be happier. Shared ownership and the ability to own a greater percentage of the home as time goes by is brilliant, without it we wouldn’t have been able to buy in this area.” Shared ownership resident Sarah Stridgen