Flyer promoting the Parish Councillors’ Guide to Rural Affordable Housing (2021).
Download the flyer here (346 KB)

The new Parish Councillors’ Guide to Rural Affordable Housing (2021).
Download pdf here (1MB)

The 5-star plan for rural housing was formally launched during Rural Housing Week 2017. This five-year plan presented a clear ambition from housing associations to increase the supply of well-designed affordable rural homes. So far, the plan has attracted support from 95 organisations. This includes 55 housing associations and all leading rural organisations.

During the early stages of developing the 5-star plan, housing associations and rural organisations were consulted on what the main challenges would be to delivery. Together the Rural Housing Alliance and National Housing Federation have sought to tackle these and a summary of these details is available via this link (25 KB)

The Rural Services Network has endorsed a ‘5 Star Plan’ for delivering more affordable rural housing. Drawn up by the National Housing Federation, in conjunction with the Rural Housing Alliance. Download the plan here (42 KB)

A Fair Deal For Rural Communities

Affordable Housing: A fair deal for rural communities – report by the Rural Housing Policy Review group. Download pdf here (4.7MB)

Rural Housing Needs Surveys principles and guidance: a guide prepared by  the National Network of Rural Housing Enablers and endorsed by the Rural Housing Alliance. Download pdf here (1 MB)

National Rural Groups and Rural Housing: A summary of key national rural networks which relate to housing in some way. Download pdf here (864 KB)